About Neuropsychiatry App

A quick guide to differential diagnosis in neuropsychiatry. References used for developing the app are listed in the bibliography @Home Page.

  • Use the menus to access chapters.
  • Within a chapter click on the button to expand a topic. You would find a brief clinical description of the disorder.
  • Trailing the brief clinical description you would find external links to detailed descriptions, colored in blue. To return back to the app from external links use the back button on your phone.
  • Use the contacts tab to suggest corrections, changes, add D/Ds and ask for new features

Dr. Jagdish Varma, MD is currenlty working as Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Pramukhswami Medical College, Karamsad, Anand, GJ, IN - 388325. He has special interest in Research and Neuropsychiatry. You may browse his Google scholar page here.